Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

It is almost a year and nine months ago since the disaster hit Eastern area of Japan.

I am a fan of motor sports and enjoy watching races in the circuits. Some racing team are based in the area hit by the disaster. Most of them have their business and enjoy racing in their spare time. Many of them lost their houses, stores and vehicles. Some of them supports others with their big transporter vehicles and with off-road motorcycles carrying various kind of support materials for evacuees, although themselves were hit by the same disaster.

This photo is taken at the Motegi circuit in Ibaraki prefecture. The circuit is hit by the earthquake and it took a few month to get back partially.
It was the first All Japan motorcycle race in Motegi after the earthquake.





This flag says
” たくさんの支援物資をありがとうございました。温かい友情 励ましを私たちは忘れません。”
“We are thankful for a lot of support materials from all of you. We will never forget your warm-hearted friendship and support.”

I am really thankful for the supports from literally all over the world.



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