Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Hearing “delicate”, I was thinking about bringing my camera with me to take some pictures of winter flowers.

However, I wanted to write something related to my hobby, watching motor sport races, so I dug into my small stock of photos and found these photos.

They are the small ice crystal realized on the car stoppers in the parking area. It was around dawn of a cold day. Following a rain shower, the rain drops became small ice needle.

The dawn

The dawn

Ice crystal needles on the round shaped car stopper.

Ice crystal needles on the round shaped car stopper.

looks like a hat on iron pole

looks like a hat on iron pole

I was worrying whether there would be black ice in the colder part of the road to the circuit. Many circuit in Japan are located in the mountain side, which means it is colder than expected. In that morning, there were frost but not a big black ice. I was able to bring my car to home safely.



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  1. rangtalu より:

    woow beautiful
    i like this pict 🙂

  2. Haryo Wicaksono より:

    kawai ne…
    heheee. Nice Picture Horimasa san..
    You took the picture in Tokyo, i guess? 🙂

  3. tu2t widhi より:


  4. sued51 より:

    Your ice crystals on the car stopper are beautiful.

  5. summerfield84 より:

    Creative !
    Nice photos !

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  7. fgassette より:

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.