Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

This week’s Photo Challenge is Unique.

In a race I visited last November, a famous rider put on a riding suit looked like a Happi, a kind of traditional Matsuri costume. On its back there was a big Kanji saying 祭 (festival). Among other riders, this looked very unique.

In a motorcycle race, you can see riders very well compared to car races like NASCAR, IndyCar or Formula 1. I think it is very important for riders to be impressive as well as run faster. The spectators give their support to riders that catch their eyes. The support gives riders the power to run faster. I write this photoblog to tell the riders ‘We are watching and supporting you. You showed such a great performance in this race.’

Anyway, 2013 season has just begun and I am looking forward to enjoying great races.

Enjoy racing!





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