Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

From the end of the April to the beginning of May some families with boys display carp streamers (鯉のぼり) in Japan. This Japanese tradition is said to have its origin back to ancient age. May 5th is a national holiday ,Children’s day(こどもの日), and also a traditional day to wish healthy life for boys.

I displayed the small carp streamer for my kid when he was a little child. It was with a wish that he spend everyday healthy and sound. My carps were very small. The size and numbers of carps may vary.

Where I am living now, the area was almost farms and forests many decades ago. Though when I moved to this area, two decades ago, there was no farms, some families whose ancestors were farmers with large farms still owned, and they still owns, large houses with agriculture barns and large gardens. Many of them are now landlords or wealthy families, they follow their tradition of their ancestors. They display big carp streamers in their gardens.

a carp streamers in the garden

a house with a big carp streamers

Many houses display smaller ones.

a small carp streamers in their verandah

Others living in apartment building manage to display much smaller ones. My carp streamer was about 50 or 60cm long.

a carp streamer for an apartment

Those who wish every child a good luck sometimes use public space for a large carp display. I took this picture in a park near Motegi, Tochigi pref., Japan.

a big carp display

Whether they are big or small, every parents express their love for their children.

From the end of April in Japanese calendar there are three national holidays, it is convenient for young parents with little boys to visits grandparents with grandchildren.  The grand parents take care of the grand children and young parent are able to take some rests. 😉



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