Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

The advertisement billboard is very colorful in Japan. This photo is taken on the street in the suburb area of Kanagawa, Japan.

Billboard signs

Billboard signs



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  1. Jose M. López より:

    Please visit my blog for more colorful signs. I did special post, I hope you like it.

    • FotoMasa より:

      Thank you for visiting this blog.
      Your automobile-related ad photos are very nice.
      I assume that these ads are different from spanish ones. 😉

      I am studying spanish these days, so I will be able to reply to you in spanish someday. 🙂

      Hoy estudio espanol (Is this correct?)

      Hasta luego.

      • Jose M. López より:

        I am study japanese now xD. I live in Kyoto. I will like to go to motorbike event if there is an event near home!

        And yes, signs and ads are very different, I like japanese ads a lot!

        Me alegro que aprendas español! Querias decir: estoy aprendiendo español. ☺️

      • FotoMasa より:

        ¡Si! Estoy aprendiendo español.:)

        The Suzuka circuit has many races all year round. I will visit Suzuka circuit at the beginning of November to watch the last race of this season.
        Suzuka is a little bit far from Kyoto since it is in Mie prefecture, but it is worth visiting.