Weekly Photo Challenge : On top

This week, photo challenge was ‘On Top’.

On top of the race tower

On top of the race tower

This photo is taken in Twinring Motegi, Tochigi Japan. To win races, one must be at the top of the race tower at the end of the race. How fast you go in the middle of the race is not important if you lose the race. As I watched races I noticed that winner must run fast and above all must not repeat mistakes.



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  1. Mabel Kwong より:

    That is one tall tower. We have similar tower races like that in Melbourne, Australia from time to time. I’m sure participants practice and practice so as to not make any mistakes. Great shot, love how the sky is blue and not speckled with clouds 🙂

    • FotoMasa より:

      Thank you for your comment, Mabel. Australia is a good place to enjoy motor sport. I someday want to visit Australia to watch races and to take photos. In Melbourne, I believe that the circuit where Formula 1 series starts its season have a beautiful race tower.

      On the day I took this photo, the sky was beautiful. Most of the circuits in Japan are located in the country area far away from residential/business area of cities, because so many people do not like noise and smoke(CO2!) of racing vehicles. But far away from the cities, air is cleaner in the circuits than in the cities, and the sky is beautiful. 😉

      • Mabel Kwong より:

        Thanks for replying, FotoMasa. Yes, we have the Formula 1 here in Melbourne. It’s a very popular event and it’s located about 10 minutes from the city. This year the F1 motor cars have changed their engines so the races aren’t as noisy anymore. There’s a lot of things to photograph in Melbourne, from our sport to Victorian architecture.

        Japan seems to be a very busy city with stunning skyscrapers. I hope to visit it one day, not because it is “cool” city – I’m sure it is – but to see the city for what it is and the culture 🙂