Sunday Stills: Alcohol

This week’s Sunday Stills is ‘Alcohol’.

Around circuits and motor sport, one of the important usage of alcohol is ‘champagne fight’.
Here are photos I took.

It is a mere coincident that all of the champagne are not real champagne but sparkling Sake.
This Sake was brewed by a brewery Okunomatsu located in Fukushima, Japan. As many of you know, Fukushima is struggling from the disaster of nuclear plants Fukushima Daiichi. It is wonderful that the brewery is alive and this sake is used for the podium ceremony in all races I visited this year.

Billboard of brewery

Billboard of brewery

Sparking Sake

Sparking Sake

The sparkling sake is expensive, about 5,000 yen for 720ml, so it is for the special occasion like winning races or someone’s birthday.

I wish that someday the evacuating people in Fukushima will be able to enjoy sake under the beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.



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