Photoblogging mainly around motor sports. I also participate in some photo challenges to improve my photo skill. If you are looking for motorcycle race photo, this blog could be of some help. The photos are taken only in Japan. I am interested in motorcycle races like motocross and road race. This blog also has some 4-wheel race photos of Super Taikyu series, Japan Formula 4, Super FJ.

I do not know races in other countries, but in Japan, it is typical that some team bring ladies called “race queens” with them, and they poses for cameras during the pit walk. If you wonder why this blog has many photos of the girls, this is the reason.

I write some of the recent entries in English because I want foreigners to know about race activities in Japan. Because of the big gap in the local race regulation, Japanese riders can not achieve good results. I would like to see a kind of harmonization in the racing regulation area between races in Japan and international races.