[road race] News about Asia Cup of Road racing

I have been searching on the web for some information about ASia Cup of Road Racing, which was held on December 8th and 9th in Taipei Long Tan speedway.
I could not find any result record on FIM asia website.

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I managed to find a report on Chinese Taipei Motor sports association in the following URL. From the photos on the article, it seems like the race was a scooter race.

It seems that Date Yuta (伊達悠太) and Ogura Karen (小椋華恋) were two riders from Japan.

Riders from asian countries. Date and Ogura are on the right. (from http://www.ctmsa.org.tw/ )

The riders photos. Ogura (with cap) at left front and Date is behind her. (from http://www.ctmsa.org.tw/ )

All photos are from http://www.ctmsa.org.tw/ .