Disaster in Philippines

On the 8th of November, the typhoon “Yolanda” attacked the islands of Philippine.
Japan also had a big disaster more than two years ago. After the tsunami, Japan received a lot of support from Philippine. There are many Filipinos working in Japan and many Japanese was living in the disaster area also.

A week has passed since the calamity. The company I am working for happens to have a ‘matching gift’ donation. When I donate some money, the company also donate same amount of money. So I utilized this system to support rescue activities in the island area.

Some researchers say that there will be a big typhoon like this one will come to Tokyo bay in the future. I am not sure whether there will be more big typhoons coming in the future caused by global warming. I am sure that we will not be able to avoid all the natural disaster. However I am sure that human will be able to help each other when some bad thing happens and many technology we have will help us to do that effectively.

I wish the help from all over the world supports the victims to recover from this disaster.