Cram schools in Japan

As I was walking to the railway station for commuting, I found a few cars parking one after another.
All the drivers were waiting for something.

A cram school for entrance exams (予備校) was there, and parents were there to meet their kids. It was almost over 10 p.m. Many students attended those cram schools after school.
Preparing for entrance exams is a tough task and students need some help from time to time. Also, cram schools have a lot of information about entrance exams, which is very helpful.

This cram school is for entrance exams of junior high school, high schools and universities. The fee depends on the number of the classes the kid attends. This cram school charges about 10 thousands yen (about 100 US dollar) monthly for one class per week.

Though the population of younger generations is rapidly decreasing in Japan, entering famous universities is getting more and more difficult. At some cram schools, the students finishes their classes at around midnight. University entrance exams start around January. Many universities have variety of exams on different dates. One student can apply for more than one exams of one university from January to March.